CNY ATD Orientation

  • 8 Dec 2022
  • 12:00 - 13:00



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Learn about CNY ATD and its activities

Members - get a refresher on what CNY ATD offers
New Members - learn what CNY ATD offers
Prospective Members - learn all about CNY ATD

Make the most of a CNY ATD Membership!

September 20
Complimentary Virtual  Sessions

"Very informative. Obtained a good knowledge and understanding of what CNY ATD offers."
"Great orientation; presenters we're welcoming, knowledgeable and willing to help."
"Great overview - got me thinking about opportunities to get involved"
"Learned about all the support and valuable resources"

"As a new member, it was a wonderful welcome"

"Liked connecting with others; very energizing group"
"Very insightful"   "Thank You! Thank You!"

Future CNY ATD Orientations

50th      Event
December 8, 12-1pm


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